What We Do

Jubilant brings accountability and personal service to HCM/Payroll software consultancy so HR, IT and Finance executives can maximize their time and budgets and arm their organizations with a solution that strengthens and promotes long-term growth.

Our role is to serve as dynamic advisors that collaborate in a respectful environment built on trust. We focus on operational excellence, enabling all to share, learn, grow, laugh and become extremely sound at executing against a project plan to deliver success!


What you shouldn’t expect is to be presented with preconceived documentation or a canned template on how to run your HCM/Payroll evaluation and/or implementation.

What you should expect is…

A cooperative engagement with diligent and deliberate steps through our unique shadow discovery process for insight into your culture, systems and processes so we can understand “why” you do things a certain way today.

A thoughtful engagement that blends our industry experience and marketplace partnerships to execute a selection and/or implementation project plan that aligns with your company’s needs and culture.

A tailored roadmap for a long and successful relationship with your solution provider, so you will fully realize the ROI of your investment, support a framework to conquer future operational challenges, and promote enhanced employee engagement at every level.

One HCM/Payroll solution doesn’t fit all

There are thousands of HCM/Payroll software solutions available for all types of businesses and cultures, so don’t anticipate a predefined approach from Jubilant. We customize each consultation and solution to your unique challenges. Our passion to bring out the best in people drives us to offer a tailored approach to maximize your team’s talent potential. Jubilant leverages your existing strengths and contributes our decades of HR, payroll, and operations expertise to result in positive organizational change.

Evaluate & Select

Our methodical process strengthens your operational and talent management strategies to create a foundation for future growth.


Our project management expertise brings your team together behind common goals and a deliberate plan to ensure success.

Get In Touch

We take the burden of researching and evaluating feature after feature of the market’s top HCM/Payroll solutions off of your shoulders.


Turn to Jubilant for fresh insights and a stronger foundation for growth in a complex and competitive market.

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