UKG Implementation Services

Jubilant HCM Implementation Process

Our uniquely designed project plans create a framework for collaboration, execution, milestone celebrations and ultimately project success.


Bring the right people together, establish goals and outcomes, prioritize activity and set proper expectations.

develop the plan

Engage leaders, establish milestones, evaluate capacity, balance work requirements and determine opportunities for recognition.


Focus on the actual way that work gets done through our shadow discovery process so we can prepare the team for your project launch.


Guide software design resulting in efficient process improvement and a more intuitive employee experience.

convert and integrate

Organize data collection and determine what and how critical data will be imported to manage compliance and provide strategic insights for top leadership and management teams.

user adoption

Recommend training and communication plans to foster change management, resulting in better user adoption and employee engagement.


Validate capabilities, functionality, accuracy and role-based security protocols to ensure the software is performing correctly to your requirements.


Provide onsite support for your first two payroll runs and first month-end immediately following go-live date to outline best practices and procedures for ongoing maintenance success.


We ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your experience before we turn you over to UKG’s Customer Success Team.

We are able to deliver distinctive results for our clients by delving in, asking the right questions during the planning and discover stage. In doing so, we can best configure UKG Pro for your specific needs and requirements.

For more information about HCM implementation services from a trusted UKG Pro consultant, please complete our contact form below, or simply call (678) 576-9823.