Say Hello to Jubilant, LLC!

Imagine this – you are driving in your car with plenty of windshield time at the end of a frustrating day at work. Repeatedly, the words go through your head, ‘I know I can do this better. If I only had the chance, I know I could create and run a company with great people, a cool culture, and successful business model and strategy while working smarter and really solving problems.’

That, in a nutshell, is how it all started many years ago. As many of you who have started a company know, it’s much easier to think of it than to actually do it. For me, it’s been the hardest and most exciting work experience of my life. And, it is the thrill of a lifetime to share the news that Jubilant, LLC has come into being and ready to help you!

Jubilant, as defined means, ‘feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph.’ It’s been said often that starting off with a positive frame of mind leads to positive, desired results. It’s also been said often that happiness is a choice. With Jubilant, all who are a part of our organization – team members, clients, partners, and colleagues, will have a positive experience, by choice, resulting in triumphant success.

By business industry, Jubilant is a Human Capital Management (HCM)/Payroll software consulting partner. We provide vision for software evaluation/selection and implementation to support our client’s today and prepare them for tomorrow’s change. For more insight into the services we provide, who we are and what we can do for you, please go to our website at, or contact me directly at

Lastly, I’d like to express my sincere, humble gratitude to all of my family, friends and colleagues who have supported me, not only in making this dream a reality, but for your unwavering, ongoing support, friendship and love, whom without, none of this would have been possible.

Please join me in saying hello to Jubilant, LLC!


Katherine Gregorski