Meet Our Team

Katherine Gregorski, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, PMP

President and Founder

Prior to founding Jubilant, Katherine spent more than 20 years as an HR/Payroll practitioner/leader working in multiple industries. Her practitioner and leadership background combined with 5+ years in UKG Pro Implementation consulting brings a unique perspective centered around HR/Payroll best practice consulting in every engagement.


She believes the strength of an HR implementation strategy comes from the commitment of the people involved. Katherine is a certified Implementation Partner Associate/Project Manager with UKG Pro.

Tim Force

COO, Partner

Tim spent over 25 years in HCM software. His experience ranges from HCM system evaluation and selection, to consulting on HR/Payroll software implementation and HR Transformation best practices. Tim’s career includes working with companies of all sizes and industries, including over a dozen of the Fortune 500.


He believes in transparency, over delivering on every promise, and focusing every decision on client success. Tim also sits on the Board of Advisors for the company.

Jennifer Fiorletta

Administrative Coordinator

Prior to Jubilant, Jen successfully implemented an automated timekeeping and payroll HRIS system for her organization, taking them from paper processes to a fully automated system in order to obtain operational excellence and an enhanced user experience. Jennifer also created and delivered rollout communications and product training for the HRIS system end users.


Jen has a strong passion for helping people and organizations become successful. She is committed to excellence in service and helping others to achieve a common goal by being thoughtful, supportive and accountable.

Debbie Mueller, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, PMP

Chief People Officer

Deb has participated in every facet of HR including training, employee relations, strategic planning, benefits, compensation and recruitment. She is uniquely skilled in balancing change with the opportunities for strategic impact on an organization. She successfully consolidated HR & payroll systems, moving her organization of 1,200 employees from paper processes to automated timekeeping/payroll. Her approach to build a People first HCM solution created a more intuitive employee experience.


Debbie believes that cultural change is not about checking the boxes, it is about understanding the goal, defining process, and executing to make the impossible, possible. She is a certified Implementation Partner with UKG Pro’s HR, Payroll, and Time products.

Kim Melton, MBA, PMP

Vice President, Service Delivery

Kim is a HR/Payroll professional with strong functional management expertise complimented by systems implementation, project management, reporting, and metrics experience. Implementation experience includes conducting functional process interviews, assessing requirements, developing detailed work plans, process re-engineering, data mapping and overall project management. Kim’s experience as an HR practitioner includes staffing/recruiting, benefits, employee relations, payroll, associate/management training, Performance Management, and Compensation.


Kim believes in strategic planning, and execution. Her broad experience in system implementation includes 6+ years working with UKG Pro. She is a certified Implementation Partner with UKG Pro’s HR, Payroll, and Talent Management Suite.

Jeremy Henderson

Director of Technical Services

Jeremy spent 10 years in HR as both a practitioner and in software implementation, with a focus around Benefits. Jeremy has spent the last 3 years of his career working as a Technical Consultant for UKG and also as an HRIS Analyst for a UKG Pro client. Jeremy’s strong technical background, combined with having sat in the chair as an HR professional brings the ability to interpret a client’s functional needs and translate that into the technical configuration of UKG Pro.


Jeremy believes in operating with a high degree of integrity and in setting proper expectations to ensure client satisfaction. Jeremy is certified in UKG Pro’s Data Conversion and as an Integration Analyst.

Steph Tuegel, PHR, SHRM-CP

Director of Support Services

Steph spent fifteen years as an HR practitioner with a heavy focus on employee relations and benefits, then shifted her expertise to UKG Pro implementations for the past five years. Steph brought her HR experience spanning industries including manufacturing, healthcare, and non-profit to Jubilant in 2019. Her expert technical and functional experience give her a unique perspective into how organizations work, as well as a proven ability to communicate, design, and operate highly effective HCM systems.


Steph believes in growing personal relationships with each of her clients, and believes that every person involved can have a positive impact on a project. She maintains the highest level of integrity, earns trust from the start, and is consistently successful on every single project. Steph is a certified UKG Pro Implementation Partner in HR/Payroll, Business Intelligence, Talent Acquisition, UKG Pro Learning, and Benefits Prime.

Debra Buis

Director of Customer Success

Debra has spent over 25 years as a results oriented Business Development and Customer Success manager. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as in the start-up community, building and ensuring client satisfaction and overall corporate excellence.


She believes in building strong, long term client relationships, being proactive with regard to customer support, and is always looking for opportunities to help others.

Natalie Minarcik

Implementation Consultant

Natalie has over 20 years of experience as a software professional performing implementations and large training sessions with an emphasis on Human Resources products that include Time and Attendance, Core Human Resources, and Recruiting and Onboarding. She combines project management and business experience to develop and implement innovative procedures making efficient transitions into existing workflows. She possesses deep operational experience, technological skills and cross-functional communication abilities.


Natalie believes in building positive relationships that are founded on trust and respect with people that want to be fulfilled in the work that they do. She is a certified Solution Delivery Partner in UKG Pro’s Core HR/Payroll.

Delena Eckstein

Senior Implementation Consultant

Delena has over 20 years of experience in HR and Payroll as both a practitioner and Analyst. The last 4 years of her career have been dedicated to implementing UKG Pro HR/Payroll. Delena’s unique combination of practitioner and technology implementation experience allow her to review current policies and processes to bring best-practice consulting to every engagement.


Delena believes in taking the time to understand each client’s unique needs and provide patience and hand-holding through the rigors of task management during a UKG Pro Launch project.  She is a certified Implementation Partner in UKG Pro HR, Payroll, Time and Business Intelligence with a strong focus on Payroll.

Jenn Neumann

Executive Coordinator

Jenn brings over 20 years of experience in office management as well as in the staffing industry with her to Jubilant. Jenn was successful in creating a handbook and benefits package for employees starting from zero, as well as taking her team to a web-based time tracking system eliminating the need for paper timecards.


She is an enthusiastic professional, bringing an abundance of energy to everything she does. Jenn believes that anything is possible with the right mindset as well as the right team around you.

Jack Carmichael, CSSBB

Quality Management Program Manager

Jack brings with him over thirteen years of process improvement experience with the past five years specific to Project Management and Software Implementation. In his previous position, Jack was responsible for the implementation of the UKG Pro HRIS/Payroll system as well as the timekeeping module in a Project Manager capacity.


In previous roles, Jack was tasked with infusing innovation into the organizational identity as well as utilizing process management projects to enhance the overall effectiveness and efficiency of identified areas in the organization. Jack’s ability to take an outside perspective to a process provides business leaders with a new approach to solving a problem.

Jeff DeMars

Technical Consultant

Prior to Jubilant, Jeff was an HR Professional with a focus on HRIS technology implementation. Jeff’s wide range of HR experience makes him uniquely knowledgeable on both the client, and vendor side of the technology implementation life cycle. This perspective positions him to help clients bridge the typical pitfalls experienced during the launch of a new piece of technology. Jeff has hands on experience with a variety of HR technologies, including 5+ years with UKG Pro as both a client and partner consultant. Jeff has an exceptional grasp of UKG Pro from an administrative viewpoint, as well as in its technical configuration.


Jeff believes that the vision of what you intend to accomplish with a new solution and how it will benefit your organization must be well established. Trust must also be built with clients to bring their vision to life. He is a certified Solution Delivery Partner in UKG Pro’s Data Conversion and Core HR/Payroll.

Ingrid Wiggins-Hurst

PM/Senior Implementation Consultant

Ingrid brings over 15 years of combined HR/Payroll and UKG Pro experience, along with a successful track record of leading, implementing, and processing payroll. She lives by the underpromise/overdeliver mantra, and has a passion for people, integrity, and continuous improvement.

Ingrid loves to collaborate with her peers to ensure success for her clients. She is consistently focused and diligent in her efforts to deliver highly effective consulting and project management through every engagement, every time. Ingrid is certified in UKG Pro HR/Payroll.

Jen Carskaden

Senior Implementation Consultant

Jen has spent the last seven years as both a Payroll/HRIS analyst and Implementation Consultant exclusively in the UKG Pro Product Suite. Her unique implementation strategy is heavily founded on having been on the client side of UKG Pro Implementations. This unique perspective allows her to understand her partners’ true needs, and help enact organizational empowerment.


Jen focuses on becoming an integral part of her launch projects team, through effective consulting and project management skills. She believes in making what needs to happen, happen, every time. Jen knows this can be accomplished through commitment, transparency, and honest healthy communication amongst any team. She is certified in UKG Pro HR/Payroll in both the US and Canada, UKG Pro Benefits Prime, and Business Intelligence.

Tom Qualman

Technical Consultant

Tom was a benefits administrator for seven years, and then spent the last eight years of his career working as a Technical Consultant as a UKG partner. Tom’s technical experience, combined with a focus on benefits administration, brings an expert ability to interpret a client’s functional needs and translate that into the technical configuration of UKG Pro.


Tom believes that building an excellent working relationship translates to excellence in results. Tom is certified in both UKG Pro Data Conversion as well as a certified Integration Analyst.

Bridget Allen

Senior Implementation Consultant

Bridget comes with over 20 years of experience in the HR and Payroll arena. This includes both project management as well as functional analysis, configuration, testing, training and deployment. She has conducted a multitude of implementations of varied HCM products with the last 11 years being exclusively UltiPro.


Bridget believes that her most valuable asset is her ability to make her client’s jobs easier. Her satisfaction comes when her client sees how UKG Pro can streamline processes, and free HR professionals up for other people-centric activities. She is a certified Solution Delivery Partner in UKG Pro Core HR/Payroll.

Cheri Hardin

Senior Implementation Consultant

Cheri has over 18 years of experience in HR as an HRIS specialist and analyst in Compensation and Benefits. The last seven years, Cheri has been dedicated to implementing UKG Pro HR/Payroll, and supporting clients after implementation in their UKG Pro product. Cheri brings a strong understanding from both the client and the partner perspective. She is dedicated to her client’s success by finding ways to improve processes and efficiencies.


Cheri is dedicated to building positive relationships with her clients so she can truly understand their needs, and drive the success of any project. She is a certified Implementation Partner for UKG Pro Core HR/Payroll, as well as HRSD (HR Service Delivery).

Paula White-Arcovio

Implementation Consultant

Paula has over 25 years of high level industry experience, bringing with her a true passion for Human Resources, Payroll, Process Improvement, Business Intelligence, and Performance Management. She thrives in environments where she can troubleshoot with clients and analyze issues or areas needing improvement, and find a resolution resulting in more effective processes and results.


Paula has a proven background in customer service, employee engagement, and personal development, with a passion for finance. She excels across a wide band of tools and technologies, and believes putting others first is a key to success.





Trena King

Implementation Consultant

Trena has over 10 years of experience in consulting, software implementation, and data analysis. She loves partnering with clients on project planning, requirement gathering, configuration, and testing through deployment. Trena has extensive experience in the healthcare, education, and retail sectors.


Trena is a highly effective communicator and expertly manages multiple projects in different phases of the implementation cycle while setting effective priorities to meet go live deadlines. Trena is a Certified XML Developer, as well as being certified in UltiPro Core HR/Payroll and UltiPro Benefits Prime and is currently finishing up her MBA.


Ian McBride

Implementation Consultant

Ian brings over 12 years of industry experience implementing HRIS and time systems, with nearly half of that time spent working with UltiPro. When collaborating with clients, he focuses not just on what they do in the current system but why they do it, and works to help them develop strategies and procedures to help them become more efficient.


Ian believes that open communication and establishing trust with clients from the very beginning are the keys to a successful implementation and long term client happiness.

Ebony Mosley, MBA

Implementation Consultant

Ebony brings over 15 years of experience working in several aspects of HR including benefits administration, employee relations, training, payroll and HRIS. She has spent the last seven years working in Benefits and HCM software technology, leading Implementation Departments, and managing both Project Managers and Configuration Analysts. She also has several years of experience as an Account Manager and Implementation Configuration Analyst.


Ebony believes in building strong relationships with her clients to ensure customer satisfaction. She has an enthusiastic can-do attitude with the ability to get the job done.

Matt Nawrocki

Training and Development Specialist

Matt brings seven years of Ultimate Software experience as a Customer Success professional before moving on to the Business Intelligence Team. He joins Jubilant as a Training and Development Specialist, with an ambitious multimedia training program to foster increased knowledge of UltiPro, both internally with our consultants as well as externally with our clients.


Matt believes that proper education coupled with a deeper understanding of UltiPro concepts leads to increased competency and proficiency within the platform, and increased client satisfaction with the overall product.

Randy MacLeod

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

Randy has spent his career as an Information Technology Professional, with his emphasis being on Business Intelligence for the past 14 years. His expertise in UKG BI (Cognos) report and dashboard design, development, support, and training. It is Randy’s goal to deliver meaningful, decision-making insights that augment proactive business management. Randy believes that his deep knowledge of business processes as well as his experience and background in technology facilitates understanding and achieving competent solutions.


Randy believes that knowing both business processes and technology facilitates understanding and achieving competent solutions.

Frankie Tidmore

Senior Project Manager

Frankie joins us with more than 20 years of experience in HCM implementations, with her last seven years in the Premier Delivery Group as an active Consultant and Senior Project Manager for UKG.  She is highly experienced in project management, functional analysis, configuration, testing, training and deployment, as well as being a Subject Matter Expert on Internal Initiatives and Process Improvement.


Frankie has been involved in all levels of the project life cycle from vendor selection to post production support. Her focus on delivering quality work, emphasizing honest communications, and setting realistic expectations truly empowers her clients to find long-term success.