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Do you have a corporate mind and an entrepreneurial heart? Do you desire to work together to build the most special workplace to share, learn, grow and laugh? Do you have experience in software, human resources, payroll, or accounting? Have you worked with companies of different sizes and/or industries? We should talk. We’re looking for people like you who are interested in a different approach to consulting. Join a workplace where there are no egos and everyone’s voice is heard – a workplace where every client engagement is specific to their needs and ends with success.

Jubilant is an HCM/Payroll technology consulting firm. Our mission is to perform a unique shadow discovery review of our client’s operational process in order to understand how to leverage technology to enable positive, impactful organizational change. We perform evaluation, selection and implementation consultation at the behest of our clients with a methodology that is built on more than 20 years of industry experience. We follow this methodology diligently to ensure that we truly understand our client’s challenges and goals and we align and deliver solutions that result in project success!


Jubilant’s three guiding principles

Culture conscious – be thoughtful and supportive, transparent and accountable. Be the type of person with whom you’d like to collaborate.

Work smart – follow client-centric processes and use efficient tools that are proven to result in operational excellence.

Be a worthy partner – put project success as our number one priority. We will be flexible and do the right thing on behalf of our clients, partners and team members, regardless of effort or cost.

Join others from the corporate and entrepreneurial space to put solutions in our clients’ operational context for better end results, from predictive analysis to compliance and streamlined processes that generate actionable HR data for a successful future.


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