Implementing software isn’t easy, but preparation and a succinct process ensure success

Implementing your HCM/Payroll solution isn’t going to be easy because change can be hard. Jubilant organizes the implementation process using a combination of your operational strengths and a deliberate project plan that supports building a strong foundation. Only then can a strategy for positive outcomes and growth be successful in the long run.

Our expertise will anticipate and mitigate implementation issues – common and uncommon

Decades of experience in human resources, operations, project management and payroll give us the insights it takes to overcome hurdles resulting in an HCM/Payroll solution that supports your growth – today and in the future. Our positive, uniquely designed project plans create a framework for collaboration, milestone celebration, execution and success.

Planning - bring the right people together, align goals, prioritize activity and set expectations.

Develop the plan - engage leaders, establish milestones, evaluate capacity, balance work requirements and determine opportunities for recognition.

Analysis – focus on the actual way that work gets done through our shadow discovery process and prepare the team for the project.

Configuration – guide software design resulting in efficient process management and future agility to drive change for your company’s long-term growth and competitive advantage.

Data conversion – organize data collection and determine what and how critical data will be imported to manage compliance and provide strategic insights for top leadership and management teams.

User adoption – recommend training and communication plans to foster change management, resulting in user adoption and employee engagement.

Testing – validate capabilities, functionality, accuracy and role-based security protocols to ensure the software is performing correctly.

Go-live – provide onsite support for first two payroll runs and first month-end immediately following go-live date to outline best practices and procedures for ongoing success.

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Implementing a new solution is not an easy process, but working with us will be a delight. Turn to Jubilant for fresh insights and a stronger foundation for growth in a complex and competitive market.

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