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Finds your strengths and mitigate weaknesses

What are your company’s operational strengths and weaknesses? Where are the gaps that keep you from reaching full potential? We evaluate the effectiveness of your existing organizational, functional and technical capabilities in order to help you select the right HCM/Payroll software partner to capitalize on your strengths and mitigate weaknesses.

An HCM/Payroll solution should be designed to provide insight to make better decisions about your company’s talent, which is essential to growth and success. The evaluation and selection process can be disruptive, confusing and complex. What do you need? What do you want? There are thousands of HCM/Payroll solutions in the marketplace. Jubilant will narrow the list to ensure you select an HCM/Payroll solution that truly meets your needs and delivers success based on strategy and a strong process, not luck or guesswork.

Growth and success starts with an objective, deliberate process

Project team – align key internal stakeholders in a collaborative process.

Shadow discovery – lead a hands-on review to fully understand current tools and process to determine future needs and outcomes.

Business case – validate the value proposition and ROI for the software investment.

Marketplace evaluation – provide industry insights to ensure a strategic, thoughtful evaluation process.

Solution provider engagement – deliver customized evaluation tools that will demonstrate the key factors necessary to make an informed, objective decision.

The result is the right HCM/Payroll solution provider and software choice for your company

Jubilant’s consultants guide and support your company’s leaders to objectively evaluate and select HCM/Payroll solutions based on expertise and facts. With the right solution, your company becomes agile and more competitive.

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When you want the truth and objective advice, turn to our consultants who solve immediate problems and set you up for long-term success. We take time to understand your operations and talent management strategic plans, fine tuning or rebuilding based on your goals.


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