Employment Law Acronyms Continue to Grow and Expand – How Will You Prepare?

The US legislative landscape continues to evolve at the wonderment of employers and employees alike. This year’s election has all but stalled any advances on determining what is going to happen or how to react. Yes, react, because that is the position we find ourselves in, awaiting each day for updates on ACA, FLSA, NLRA and several laws either currently in effect or pending approval. But, we still need to be on guard, just in case.

Employers will need to continue to monitor these changes to strategically plan for the impacts to how they recruit, retain and release talent and manage their business operations, strategically and financially.  Question – are you utilizing your software and software provider partners to help you with your planning? If not, you should consider them as vital resources to managing compliance concerns and planning for the future.

See our ‘Insights’ page for key web links that can help you stay informed. You can subscribe to government issued newsletters that will assist in proactive planning. You can also become a member of industry non-profit organizations such as the Society for Human Resource Management and the American Payroll Association. Download your free copy of the recent release of 2016 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Policy Guide, providing a comprehensive update of the current state of all of the pending legislative changes, SHRM’s position on each of them, how you can get involved in the advocacy efforts and stay informed.