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We are Humble, Hungry, Smart, Passionate, Resilient and Committed.

Our guiding principles combined with our commitment to 100% client satisfaction have earned us the White Glove Award from UKG for the partner that shows, "A commitment by an entire firm to possess unsurpassed product knowledge and maintain an unwavering dedication to customer service, thus enriching and elevating our customer's experience."


We deliver on-time, on-budget > 95% of the time.

We maximize the value of your investment in UKG Pro by focusing every decision on how it will affect your People First. Our consultants are focused on translating your requirements into an elegant and simplified user experience for your employees, administrators and leadership.


We make every decision with client satisfaction in mind.

Large, multinational companies. Small businesses. A diverse range of industries. Our team configures UKG Pro solutions for companies of all sizes and sectors. We love working with a wide range of clients, getting to know your business and working side-by-side until we're ready to launch. We invite you to see what our clients say about us.


Our consultants uniquely combine HR/Payroll practitioner experience and deep-rooted UKG knowledge.

Our culture is based on Trust, Clarity and Transparency to enable an open, safe, family-based environment where our team members can flourish in their career development. We invite you to learn more about our team members and job opportunities.


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Turning The Tide! Mastering Unexpected Turnover in Your Team.

  In the Turning The Tide Webinar, Kayla Potter, Principal Consultant, offers essential strategies for navigating sudden HR workforce turnover and ensuring operational continuity. Kayla explores short and long-term approaches, how to prevent turnover, identify risks, and develop contingency plans. Gain invaluable insights and master the art of managing uncertainties with confidence.

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Ready, Set, Go! Preparing for Your Next UKG Implementation.

In the Ready, Set, Go Webinar, Kristi Grimes shared crucial insights, effective strategies, and essential readiness tips for your next UKG Implementation or Migration. From practical tips to strategic approaches, Kristi left no stone unturned in equipping the audience with the knowledge needed to embark on their UKG journey with confidence. For anyone seeking a […]

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Jubilant Services Brochure

Founded in 2016, Jubilant is a highly certified Consulting Firm that is 100% dedicated to UKG. Our broad expertise and commitment to excellence are evident in our comprehensive services encompassing post-live stabilization, technical services, corporate restructuring, vendor selection, strategic system reviews, digital transformation, and more. Jubilant Services Brochure

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